Detroit, MI - Post-Hardcore Goth Metal

Active: 2018 - Present


Second Salem was created as a tribute to the world’s outcasts; conceived by founding members Gerard D’Lor and Amon Ereth in March of 2018, they sought to create a message of belonging, expressly encrypted for their intended audience through their dark imagery and metaphors. Fittingly, they have drawn inspiration from many musical movements where passion and ennui combine, bewitching audiences with a fusion of gothic, metal, and emo sounds synthesized into a unique whole. Second Salem have cultivated their aesthetic and performance to evoke visceral emotion, and a heady melodrama permeates every show.

Forged in Mid-Michigan, Second Salem has left their mark on the grounds they haunt; they have collaborated with acts such as Sarah and the Safeword, opening for their Detroit show at Phoenix 510 as well as contributing
a vocal feature on their track Disobedient, and their close work with other local Detroit groups such as ThePicassos and two feature tracks on their album Divination Scars. They were the first band to perform live on the long-running Detroit
internet radio station Tattoo Music Lounge, as well as contributing performances at benefit shows for Port Of
Hopes Inc and FAN: Families Against Narcotics, highlighting their passion for community support.

As to their purpose, their mission was inspired by the tragic story of the framing of the West Memphis Three,
young men persecuted by the public and framed for a horrible crime, made scapegoats for their
nonconformity. Gerard and Amon, understanding this as outsiders themselves, vowed to conjure a space where
those who defiantly walk their own paths can not only be safe from hostility, but celebrated and centered. This
is reflected in their lyricism, but also their unabashed commitment to self-expression, encouraged both among
the audience and within the band. Each member contributes his own character to the group, as well as to the
music, writing his own parts and giving feedback freely to bring each song to its fruition.

Second Salem is now entering a new phase, at last spreading their music and message to the black masses.
2021 saw the recording of their first demo, leading to a successful 2022 release of their first single "To Paint The Angels" reaching over 14,000 streams over multiple platforms before the end of the year. Recording for a new single release and accompanying video have begun, leaving dedicated followers on the endge of their seats. 

Second Salem is not a cult.